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Björn Busse mail at baerlin.eu
Wed Mar 26 09:13:38 CET 2014

On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 08:08:57AM +0100, Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko wrote:
> On 26.03.2014 00:33, The Gluglug wrote:
> > --> alternatively:
> > ship coreboot without anything in src/mainboard.
> > have git repositories for each vendor/mainboard.
> > user downloads what they need, and a default .config for the board of
> > their choosing.
> > 
> Git is developpement tree, not user-fetch tree. It's optimized for devs.
> If you feel like sth optimized for users is needed, feel free to create
> an interface you want that would piggyback on top of official git.

Dear Vladimir,

take this as one opinion also to the posts you did on recent coreboot
future development proposals..

Right, we are living in a git world, how great is that? Branches made

Obviously the cooperate people within coreboot feel the need for a
different development model. I think Peter regularly points out why
this is not only needed but desirable. In fact it directly indicates
coreboot's success.

It was you immediately calling for a fork (and i
take the right here to call you, vladimir, a relatively new member of the coreboot
community - in terms of time, not dev effort). So what was proposed by
Stefan to me is no more and no less a stable branch with all the legacy
craft coreboot accumulated (in v4!) - free for future development still.

Again, git makes this (technically) really easy.

Significant architectural changes are nothing new to the
coreboot community. There is a reason why there is a v4 and as far as I
understand it there were _significant_ changes in each iteration.
And if you Vladimir are the person to rebase the stable branch on
coreboot HEAD regularly, cool! Welcome!

I think you have a point in calling for a cut-down in (K)config options,
just that this is nothing new, Patrick and Stefan have done so for
years. Now what does that mean? I don't know. Probably that it's
difficult and an ongoing process.

Now I did it, hijacked this thread (Hi mrnuke!).

I for one, welcome that we have this discussion at least and
take it as a sign for coreboot's success. (:
And while I am talking to you, I also ask you again to please be more
welcoming to new members of the coreboot community, thanks.


> > On 25/03/14 23:29, The Gluglug wrote:
> >> This is focussed on users (non-developers).
> > 
> >> Most coreboot users only have perhaps a few machines that they are 
> >> building for. Maybe even just one.
> > 
> >> Yet they are downloading the entire coreboot source tree and
> >> selecting which board they want, configuring it, etc.
> > 
> >> My idea: --> a small set of source files (such as from
> >> src/mainboard/vendor/board) --> a script (perhaps a simple git
> >> checkout) which fetches the needed parts of the source from the
> >> main branch, for building that board --> default/"sane"
> >> configurations pre-defined for that board.
> > 
> >> Advantages: --> less headache for developers (user already has most
> >> of what they need, less likely to request support) --> less to
> >> download (less waiting required, especially for people with slow
> >> connections)
> > 
> >> Essentially, I have in mind a more "modular" coreboot.
> > 
> > 

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