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Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko phcoder at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 04:13:08 CET 2014

On 20.03.2014 22:33, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> coreboot for the 21st century
> setting up the project for the next decade
> Purpose: Purge all boards / chipsets / cpus that require ROMCC in
> romstage and known broken chipsets (sc520, i855)
> coreboot is now officially 15 years old. One and a half long decades
> with ups and downs. During this time we collected over 250 different
> mainboards. A great achievement, but also a great maintenance burden.
> * It is hard to keep 250+ mainboards working. Actually impossible.
> * Keeping them working comes at a cost. Keep old infrastructure around.
>   Workarounds, special cases
> * We don’t test except on the very last stuff we’re working on
The boards and chipsets are sufficiently well insulated from each other
so that it's possible to improve one without breaking the others. With
board-status the potential users and devs have a good overview which
revisions work on which devices. The breakage will periodically occur no
matter if it's 25 board or 250 boards. And it will be fixed by those who
care about the particular board.
Also I feel like the amount of boards supported is actually a relatively
minor maintenance burden compared to number of *options* supported. I
think we should first go on killing the options noone really uses like
possibility disabling ACPI tables (I have a changeset for this, mixed
reception), disabling SMBIOS tables. "relocatable" modules should be
chosen by chipset, not be user-visible, and so on. There are more broken
option configurations than broken boards.

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