[coreboot] Hey

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Mar 20 12:21:53 CET 2014


Shant Kehyeian wrote:
> I have Samsung ARM chromebook
> I would like to ask about the payload. When I did the "make menuconfig"
> it wasn't by default the SeaBios., there wasn't at all ...there was
> GRUB 2 and I selected it...so My question is would it work as SeaBios
> to boot from usb ?


SeaBIOS is a BIOS implementation and BIOS is fortunately x86-specific.

The method used by BIOSes to boot from USB doesn't apply at all on
other machines.

Unless someone provides a well-tested recipe for creating a full
working solution to replace what was shipped on your device I would
very strongly discourage you from experimenting with firmware unless
you are prepared to spend many days on doing recovery and years on
learning, as well as maybe a hundred USD/EUR/GBP on tools.


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