[coreboot] GSoC-2014 Coreboot project

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Mar 19 16:01:05 CET 2014

ron minnich wrote:
> well, vladimir, I would not be so discouraging. In fact if it is an
> existing  mainboard, and you have not done coreboot before, I suggest
> doing a port, and then doing something new with the port.

I think this is a good idea in general.

> I'd like somebody to look at doing LinuxBIOS again, i.e. getting us back to
> the point where we can embed linux in the flash as the payload. Patrick got
> us a long way back toward getting that working, and it'd be nice to see it
> finished.

I've tested it - it works well at least in QEMU.

A solution is still needed for ARM though.


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