[coreboot] Friendly reminder: Please just send plain text messages to the list

Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Wed Mar 12 18:50:50 CET 2014

I hesitate to make this thread longer...

Just my 2c.

HTML - please no.

It's bloated for this purpose and I've seen it (outside this list) 
introduce costly errors because of that. It brings new features that are 
not needed and more complex to master (I mean taking into account 
efficiency, compatibility, accessibility, etc.). It's useful for web, 
not for email. The fact that someone can write perfectly compliant, 
accessible and pleasing websites does not mean this someone will spend 
the same effort in every email message. HTML knowledge should be no 
requirement to participate in this list, so some users may be unaware of 
possibly pitfalls in their HTML messages.
Also, users of text only email readers need not be excluded.

UTF-8 - yes, any standarised encoding, but UTF-8 is fine.

I don't like changing the names of other people. I like to copy them 
verbatim. There's people all over the world in this list. So I think the 
feature of being able to codify many of the characters in the world is 
useful. The fact that communication is in English (I wouldn't require it 
either) and my name can be written correctly in ASCII does not mean that 
everybody has to have names in ASCII.

I think these and possibly other arguments are stronger than message 
size. But I'm not implying that plain text vs HTML wastes the same space 
as ASCII vs UTF-8 for messages in English.


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