[coreboot] Unable to start correctly coreboot on Asus f2a85-m REV 1.02

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Mon Mar 10 18:37:08 CET 2014

Hi all,

I checked the BKDG on AMD website and there is not much register differences 
between those CPUs:

42300 Rev 3.10 - June 04, 2013 BKDG for AMD Family 15h Models 10h-1Fh Processors:

1.5.4 Changes For Revision RL-A1
• Changes that may result in BIOS modifications.
• Added [Hybrid Boost]
• Added D0F0xBC_x1F428[HybridBoostEn]
• Other changes
• Added D0F0xBC_x1F8EC

It is just related to hybridboost enable.

The only thing which might really need an update is a SMU firmware. It would be 
interesting to try with original BIOS if some other SMU firmware is used when 
trinity or richland CPU is used.

Do you own also Trinity CPU?

As for the errata, I think I have seen somewhere that the processors share the 

I wrote just a note to the board wiki page about Richland, maybe we can do some 
#ifdef config option which would enable this hack via configuration option.

We would also need some more sane error handling code in AGESA. I guess we can 
fix it with some patch. Any takers?


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