[coreboot] Friendly reminder: Please just send plain text messages to the list

Gregg Levine gregg.drwho8 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 15:32:04 CET 2014

Actually Corey, it's been not really a policy, but a request. And an
almost constant one.

For example the mailer for Google has a setting widget next to the
trash can, every time I respond to a message that's written in useless
HTML I promptly reset it to plain text.

Now is it also necessary to sign messages with a credential that's not
recognized by the majority of mailers?
Gregg C Levine gregg.drwho8 at gmail.com
"This signature fought the Time Wars, time and again."

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 5:22 AM, Corey Osgood <corey.osgood at gmail.com> wrote:
> Paul,
> Can you please point me to when this became policy on the coreboot
> mailing list? I searched, but all I could find was you (and only you)
> trying to enforce this netiquette policy, nowhere that it was actually
> discussed or adopted.
> Also, if you get bored, take the email messages from the last month,
> and scrub the HTML from them. You will find the saved bandwidth is an
> extremely small part of your 30MB limit, a few KB at the most, but
> probably less then the ~2KB of an average text email, including
> headers. Then add up the all the signatures, and compare the two
> figures.
> -Corey
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