[coreboot] T60 - what went wrong?

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Wed Mar 5 08:54:29 CET 2014

Dear Peter.

>> spi_block_erase_d8 failed during command execution at address 0x1f0000
> ..
>> Which is quite similar to the error referenced in this mail:
>> http://www.flashrom.org/pipermail/flashrom/2012-April/009124.html
> Right, the flashing was successful up until the last 64kb, which is
> expected.
>> So I tried to reboot, but the machine does not come up anymore. I am going
>> to try to flash it, using an external prommer now, but I need to know what
>> went wrong.
> Define does not come up? How have you determined this? What ways of
> debugging do you have? Note that the screen backlight level defaults
> to backlight essentially off, after flashing coreboot. This is a
> really stupid property of the code, which I consider to be a bug.
> A coreboot built with serial console output, high debug log level and
> a docking station with null modem cable to another machine is the
> most reliable method.
> I assume you've set bucts 1 and that you've duplicated the top 64kb
> of coreboot.rom, according to the steps on the wiki page.

Yes, of course.

> And that you've built coreboot.rom using the crossgcc toolchain
> rather than the toolchain distribution which is usually broken.

I have build using crossgcc.

> Beyond that, the tree could of course also have been broken by
> someone making changes to code that is relevant for the T60.

Might be the case. With the help of phcoder we have now managed to 
install coreboot, using an external prommer. We are using only grub 
payload, no need for Intel option ROM anymore (at least when you plan to 
boot Linux only).



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