[coreboot] latest baytrail fsp on CRB

Wen Wang wen.wang at adiengineering.com
Wed Jun 18 22:15:49 CEST 2014

.config file attached.


Also what should I do for flash descriptor? 






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Can you post your coreboot .config file?

I'm booting bayley bay with a b3 e3815.


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On 18 June 2014 19:13:49 Wen Wang <wen.wang at adiengineering.com
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Hi all,


Has anybody been able to boot Bayley Bay CRB with the latest coreboot source
from the git tree?   We have a Bayley Bay CRB (E3827, B3). With coreboot
Baytrail fsp support pulled from about two weeks ago and some help from
Martin, I was able to see coreboot booting and fsp loaded, but was having
issues with SeaBIOS.  I pulled latest source tree this morning and found out
it does not boot any more on my board. Port 80 stuck at code 0x43, no
console output. 


Here are my steps:

1.       Build coreboot toolchain.

2.       Build coreboot.rom using fsp and microcode from BAY_TRAIL_FSP_KIT
downloaded from Intel fsp site.

3.       Flash coreboot.rom to top 2M of the 8M flash.


I was getting the usage information here and there from the discussion
threads and perhaps I missed something? It would be great if somebody could
post the detailed procedure.





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