[coreboot] Intel FSP on Bayley Bay CRB: No output

Martin Roth martin.roth at se-eng.com
Wed Jun 4 18:43:23 CEST 2014

Thanks Paul.

I'm working on a fix for this. Right now the option get selected 
correctly if you set it at the first menuconfig run. If you go back and 
select the microcode options later, they don't get correctly enabled 
even though they're turned on with a select statement.

I hope to have a patch up for this today.


On 06/03/2014 04:17 PM, Paul Menzel wrote:
> Dear Gerald,
> Am Dienstag, den 03.06.2014, 14:03 +0200 schrieb Gerald Otter:
>> I am trying to run coreboot + seabios payload on the bayley bay crb
>> with the recently committed FSP integration, but have had no luck so
>> far.
>> This crb uses the bay trail I (now atom e3800) soc from intel.
>> Following the instructions from commit d75800c7f , I have built a 2MB
>> image and flashed it to the upper 2MB of the 8MB flash, leaving the
>> TXE / flash descriptor intact.
>> I have added the config from the build. The FSP I used is
>> BAYTRAIL_FSP_GOLD_002_10-JANUARY-2014, together with the flash
>> descriptor and TXE from the 80.21 bios provided by intel, and vga bios
>> 36.2.2.
>> Fwiw, I have tried both the 32bit and 64bit releases of the bios, even
>> though the flash descriptor and TXE binary seem to be exactly the
>> same.
>> The issue I’m running into is that I have no idea if anything is
>> running at all.
>> There is no output on the VGA/HDMI ports or uart.
>> The legacy uart referred to in the source is working correctly with
>> the original intel bios, but does not produce any output with the
>> coreboot image.
>> I have tried the most common baud rates (115200, 19200, 9600 ) and did
>> some measurements with a scope in case I got the baud rate wrong, but
>> no cigar.
>> The uart I’m using is the PCU uart, as opposed to hsuart1/2 and the
>> superIO uart. This matches with the configuration in coreboot when
>> compared to the datasheet, so I’m assuming I got this set up
>> correctly.
>> Unfortunately, this is about all the information I have, so I hope I
>> am missing something obvious when building the image / flashing it,
>> etc.
> […]
> it looks like you are missing the microcode. (Next time please also send
> the output of `build/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom print`.)
> Could you please test if selecting “Generate from tree” in the prompt
> “Include CPU microcode in CBFS”?
> In the `.config`, instead of
> you should have the one below.
>          # CONFIG_CPU_MICROCODE_CBFS_NONE is not set
> Thanks,
> Paul

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