[coreboot] Naming for identical chips with different model numbers due to different package variants

Felix Held felix-coreboot at felixheld.de
Tue Jun 3 21:07:15 CEST 2014

Hi Peter!

> The code you are writing is communicating with a piece of
> hardware that is expected to behave a certain way. Which package
> the hardware comes in is utterly irrelevant for the behavior of the
> hardware in this case, so please do not garble the name with that noise.
Then I should rename the files to nct6776 and change the name to 
"NUVOTON NCT6776 Super I/O", but add a comment in the file that this is 
for the NCT6776D and NCT6776F parts? Haven't seen any devices with 
another suffix, but I'd say that it would be better to add some kind of 
note to prevent possible confusion in the future.


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