[coreboot] ISP header for x60, fallback: indicating normal boot from grub2

Charles Devereaux coreboot at guylhem.net
Sat Jul 19 07:42:25 CEST 2014


On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 2:15 AM, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli <GNUtoo at no-log.org>

> My pomona clip had issues with its contact pins(the ones in contact
> with the flash chip) over time, so I unmounted it and repaired it.

I tried pushing the pins down - it looks better but it didn't help. Mine
only work with a lot of duct tape to keep it firmly pressed to the
motherboard. Otherwise, it slides up just a bit, enough to avoid making
contact. It seems more like a problem with the plastic

> Example in grub.cfg:
> menuentry 'Normal' {
>         cmosclean 0x30:0
>         cmosclean 0x30:1
>         cmosclean 0x30:2
>         cmosclean 0x30:3
>         cmosclean 0x30:4
>         cmosclean 0x30:5
>         halt
> }

Interesting. Is there a reason why different values are used on gluglug
halt? cf http://samnoble.org/thinkpad/grub/gluglug.grub.custom.cfg:

# reset to normal

cmosclean 48:0

cmosclean 48:1

# reset boot count

cmosclean 48:4

cmosclean 48:5

cmosclean 48:6

cmosclean 48:7

> Vladimir Serbinenko said me that it was a bad idea to do this and that

I only want to use that for my tests (grub, seabios etc) so that I remain
in normal, because I can't update the normal boot status then.

> he would instead work on something better that would understand the
> coreboot cmos layout. I've not checked if there is now something for it
> in grub.

There is only cbmemc, cbls and cbtime. They could be good menu options but
the output is displayed without a pager (so you can't see them as it goes
back to the menu - you have to enter a command line)

Of all of these, cbtime would be especially interesting to add a title to
grub menu, to show if the boot was in normal or fallback and how long it

I'll see if it's possible to add the result of a command to grub menu
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