[coreboot] bios for ATOM E38XX

Ricardo Menzer ricardomenzer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 19:45:28 CEST 2014

I'm also trying to use Coreboot with a COM Express Module from
Cogatec. It is a Conga-MA3 model
Booting the original BIOS into Linux, and doing a cat /proc/cpu shows
the processor stepping is 3, so i'm assuming it's a B3 silicon.
I have used Intel BCT to patch the FSP so its configuration matches
the memory chips used in this module.
I am testing it with a base board made by Kontron, which provides a
four digit port 80h/81h display and a SPI socket, allowing me to use
an external flash and preserve module's flash.
I couldn't make flashrom detect the flash memory when using this
module from Congatec, even disabling BIOS memory write protection on
BIOS setup, but I'm using another module to flash the external SPI and
swapping modules after. (I plan to find out why it isn't detected

I've copied
to /home/ricardo/BAY_TRAIL_FSP_KIT/coreboot/src/soc/intel/fsp_baytrail/microcode
so Coreboot can compile (otherwise Make fails).

The first image I've burned didn't worked (.config file attached).
There's no POST codes in the display. I think it may be a issue with
the TXE firmware. How can I check it?

I'm trying to learn about the inner workings of coreboot. How can I
help to support this module/chipset?


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>> Hello ,
>> When will support the new Atom E38XX
> Would you or someone from your company  like to help?
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