[coreboot] BayleyBay FSP booting

Tuan Vu tuan.vu at insyde.com
Tue Jul 1 17:55:59 CEST 2014

I'm trying to investigate Coreboot and FSP booting performance on the Intel's Bayley Bay board and having trouble getting it to boot SeaBIOS.  I had to modify some files to get it to the point of attempting to load the payload but it gets stuck here:

Could not find a bounce buffer...
Could not load payload

Additional printfk reveals that none of the memory ranges described in bootmem has the tag LB_MEM_RAM; they all have the LB_MEM_RESERVED, LB_MEM_TABLE and LB_MEM_UNUSABLE.  Any ideas what went wrong here? Typically, what creates the memory ranges?


Tuan Vu

Software Engineer
Insyde Software, Inc.

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