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On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 5:58 PM, Paul Wilcox-Baker <wilcoxbaker at gmail.com>

> Dear coreboot,
> We have done some more research on the differences between the
> supported Haswell processors and PCH parts and what we have
> used in our design.
> We have designed a board with the E3-1268Lv3 device with the
> 82C226 PCH part.  It appears that all Haswell devices that
> have been ported are the mobile variety where the PCH device is
> packaged with the processor.
> Do the files to support the parts we wish to use exist anywhere
> else?  Is there a repository for non-GPL code perhaps?
> Can we use any of the coreboot utilities on a system with the
> same processor and PCH device to generate code for a coreboot
> that will support this CPU and PCH?
> Does Intel have the required files to generate coreboot for the
> processor and PCH part that we wish to use?  If they do how do
> we get them?  Perhaps they have some coreboot code that can be
> obtained under NDA or licence.
> Thanks, Paul.
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