[coreboot] question about tp_smapi modules and phc-intel

Charles Devereaux coreboot at guylhem.net
Wed Jul 2 16:57:00 CEST 2014


I'm currently trying to make the tp_smapi modules work

thinkpad_ec and hdaps were easy to patch (basically adding a special case
since DMI_BOARD_VENDOR was not set at all with the coreboot I was using)

However, tp_smapi seems more complicated. It complains with SMAPI not
supported (ID=0xda)

Before I try to hardcode this value, is it handled on coreboot side? (I
could not find any reference to smapi in the source code)

As the headers says: "This driver exposes some features of the System
Management Application Program Interface (SMAPI) BIOS found on ThinkPad
laptops. It works on models in which the SMAPI BIOS runs in SMM and is
invoked by writing to the APM control port 0xB2".

The SMAPI part is mostly interesting to get and set the battery charge
start/stop threshold, which is interesting to prolong the life of LiIon
batteries - but maybe it can be done differently within coreboot?

Same question for setting CPU voltage - phc-intel seems far to eager to
undervolt, without any noticeable change in acpi temperatures or crashes on
mprime, even at the lowest values. I wonder if the voltage changes are
handled or silently ignored.
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