[coreboot] Unable to start correctly coreboot on Asus f2a85-m REV 1.02

HacKurx hackurx at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 13:53:24 CET 2014

> No way. You will need to use serial port. Just plug the header to mainboard and use some USB 2 serial from other computer (together with null
> modem cable) if you need more info please let me know.
Do you have any links, diagram or picture for this method? Thanks

> It looks some people can send me some money and I could buy the richland to see if it works... but this could happen somewhere in March.
Okay, I could send you the ddr3 memory if you need it.

> The image I sent to you will most likely not POST the image because of different IDs, but X.org could initialize it.
I tested it and I do not even turn on the LEDs on my keyboard. I also
think that I do not even reaches grub.
I also designed several Roms defining "1002,990e" for the vga bios but
I get the same result.
I can put online my vgabios if you want.

Thank you very much.

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