[coreboot] coreboot port for macbook2,1

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org
Wed Jan 29 22:24:58 CET 2014

* Mono <mono at posteo.de> [140124 23:20]:
> Hallo,
> Would you help me on a coreboot port? I just installed coreboot on a Thinkpad X60 following the wiki. Now I want it on this mid-2007 macbook2,1 too.
> I read some pages in the wiki and started to collect information about the macbook. it seems it has no superIO chip and I dont know what to think of the ectool output. As I understood by now, not knowing how the ec might interfere with the bios or coreboot is one of the big obstacles, no? I hope that once I would try a coreboot flash, recovery might be possible by an external programmer (which I do not have, yet). the flash chip is the same as on the X60 (I've read the factory bios already) as is the northbridge and southbridge. an usb debug port seems available.
> I've put the log files here: http://macbook.donderklumpen.de/coreboot/
> Any comment about what you think about this and how I should proceed is very much welcome!

- Make sure you have the external tools in place to recover from a bad
  flash. You will not boot successfully on the first attempt.

- Keep a copy of the original firmware around

- Try to make sure that your USB debug gadget is working before starting

- Start with one of the existing i945 based notebooks

- find out what EC is used, and if it shares flash with the main system

- try to get hold of schematics


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