[coreboot] Unable to start correctly coreboot on Asus f2a85-m REV 1.02

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Wed Jan 29 20:59:32 CET 2014


 > _F2A85-M REV 1.02
> _AMD A8-6600K APU (Radeon HD 8570D vga = 1002,990e)
> _Corsair Value Select 4 Go DDR3 1333 MHz CL9 (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9)

Is it Richland or Trinity? Seems it is Richland. I haven't tried with Richland yet.

> I proceeded to build a standard coreboot image using seabios as a
> payload (using a local copy of the VGA bios and embedding this into
> the coreboot image), leaving all the settings as
> default apart from selecting the motherboard, upon writing this to the
> flash and rebooting the machine I had no output from the VGA & HDMI adapter and
> and my keyboard is frozen.

It would be helpful if you could include log from serial console. Maybe you hit 
some other problem.

You can also try to put memory only to blue slots.

> Can you send me a link to a known-good image that you use? So that i can
> verify my hardware is compatible.

 > Does he work the revision 1.02 of this motherboard in coreboot?

Mine board is also 1.02 version. I think something wrong is with memory setup or 
cpu setup. Does original BIOS use 1.65V for DDR2 memory? You should select that 
in configuration too.

You can come to IRC #coreboot on freenode.net

I'm here until midnight GMT+2


> Thank you for your help.

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