[coreboot] Shortened in types (u32) vs stdint types (uint32_t)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Jan 29 17:45:08 CET 2014

Aaron Durbin wrote:
> We should accept patches that come in any form.

I could not disagree more with this in general.

I disagree less strongly for the specific case of u32 vs. uint32_t
but I do still disagree - I also like the stdint types, mostly
because they are becoming widely available.

I think they look ugly, but I also have a strong preferece to always
keep declarations at start of functions rather than as close to the
use as possible, so they don't have to be all over the code.

> I also might add that the kernel allows such types:

It's allowed to be better than the kernel.

> I don't think that adds any barrier to readability.

I think it does. Not a very large barrier, but it does add one.

It's nice to have a code style to fall back on, maybe even
neccessary, when all developers don't prefer the same style
anyway, which is, well, unusual.


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