[coreboot] ATTN: ruik, others: f2a85-m frequently crashes/freezes under high load. do you have it working?

Andrew Engelbrecht sudoman at ninthfloor.org
Tue Jan 21 20:20:18 CET 2014

On 01/21/2014 10:39 AM, Rudolf Marek wrote:
> Hi again,
> So far I had no luck reproducing it. Can you provide output of following
> command please:

thanks ruik for looking into this. i'll get back to you with the
requested info as soon as i can. yesterday was MLK day, and i'm not
feelin too hot atm.

one of the issues may be that i was not using the coreboot-generated
build environment. i was using gcc in debian jessie. (so that means i
need to find and read up on all the basics on the wiki.) the problem
could be as simple as that, though some of the other things you
mentioned might be making things lock up.

i'm not sure exactly when i'll be getting back to this, but i look
forward to tracking it down with/for you when i'm feeling better.


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