[coreboot] ASUS m5a88-v AGESA progress report

darkdefende at gmail.com darkdefende at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 17:58:25 CET 2014

I haven't got much further than when I posted on this mailing list.

I still haven't found the exact cause to why the SATA ports dies when
booting linux.

However my main computer has died so I don't have any computer that I can
use when I'm trying to get coreboot running on that mobo.

But because that computer died I could use the GPU that survived to see
if the pcie ports were working with my coreboot image.
That wasn't the case so I suspect that the sata and pcie problems are
because of the rs780 (northbridge) is not working correctly.

I suspect that this is because I mix AGESA with code that were used
before AGESA was in coreboot.
Because no other board does this I suspected from the start that it would
turn out ugly in the end. But it was worth a try :)

I took a look on the northbridges that have been ported from pre-AGESA to
AGESA boards. But it seems to me that I will not be able to port it myself
as alot of the code seems to heavily rely on vendorcode that AMD as supplied
to coreboot. (There is no vendorcode for rs780, I think)

Because I think that I lack the necessary knowledge to port it over myself,
and because I can't afford to buy a new computer to use for coreboot porting,
I won't get much further.

The code is still hosted on my github page:

What works is:
CPU/RAM (tested with bulldozer and 16GB ram)
Booting to Seabios/grub2
Booting from HDD/Usb with seabios/grub2
Runnig linux from usb with serial output

What might work:
PS2 keyboard (Didn't test it out as I had to do everything over serial
but turning numlock on/off works as the LEDs responds to those key presses.
And kernel panics trigger the LEDs to flash on it also.)

Onboard LAN (The kernel seems to init it fine, but I didn't try to connect
it to a network)

What doesn't work:
SATA ports when booting linux (Haven't tried any other OS)
Onboard audio
Onboard GPU
Pcie ports (And I'm guessing the pci ports also)

I don't know if I should try to push this code into coreboot or not.
It's pretty non functional as I don't think anyone would be happy with
running with only serial and having to use USB as the only main
storage source.

Anyways, It's been a fun ride. I would like to thank everybody that
helped me in some way. I wouldn't gotten this far without you guys! :)

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