[coreboot] Chromebox debugging.

John Lewis jlewis at johnlewis.ie
Fri Jan 17 12:42:11 CET 2014

On 17/01/14 11:01, Timothy Potter wrote:
>  I've
> also got an old Android phone with the ECHI debug gadget compiled into
> the kernel. I've tried connecting that to every USB port on the
> Chromebox but never get any output.
Hi Tim,
Have you got "USB 2.0 EHCI debug dongle support" compiled on the 
coreboot side? If so, did you select "NET20DC and compatible" or 

What kernel is the phone running? I assume because you have the EHCI 
debug gadget complied in the Android gadget is not? How does your phone 
react to the missing Android gadget?

I gave up with that and purchased a BeagleBone Black in the end.

Perhaps Kyösti can help or explain why this isn't going to work?



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