[coreboot] 2508-A65 X60s

The Gluglug info at gluglug.org.uk
Mon Jan 13 06:46:32 CET 2014

Basically: to let coreboot community know of this edge case.
I have reasons to believe coreboot will work, and that after coreboot is 
installed flashrom will work (but that for this revision, external 
flashing is initially required).

I will let the community know of my findings.

On 13/01/14 05:26, Peter Stuge wrote:
> The Gluglug wrote:
>> Is it an X60s? Apparently so, but flashrom does not seem to support it.
> So why post to the coreboot list? Did you look into the flashrom source?
>> I changed the entries accordingly for either Macronix or SST. Lenovo site
>> says X60s, DMI (according to flashrom) says it's a T43p.
> Neither is a very reliable source. What does the mainboard say?
> //Peter

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