[coreboot] Need help to compile an AMD Geode GX2 VSA Binary

jamie at toasty.dk jamie at toasty.dk
Fri Jan 10 18:16:01 CET 2014

Hi Quentin,

I can tell you how I got the toolchain and source files in place, and 
compiled my own amd_vsa_lx.bin.

How we take this further and modify the code for the GX2 is another 
matter. Perhaps we can get some help with this from Nils Jacobs...

I did all my work in VirtualBox VMs, starting with a fresh install of 
Windows 2000, updated to SP4, plus some newer patches. C drive is NTFS. 
Then I did the following:
Install unzip:
I used this one: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/unzip.htm

Install MASM 6.11:
download it from: 

run setup.exe from the disk1 directory
NT only
Help files: no
Sample programs: no
Install to C:\MASM611\BIN
add to path C:\MASM611\BIN

Patch to MASM 6.14:
unpack ML614.EXE to a temporary directory
Follow the directions in README.TXT
copy patch files to C:\MASM611
run PATCH.EXE from within C:\MASM611
copy H2INC.EXE and H2INC.ERR to C:\MASM611\BIN (overwrite the existing 

Install VC++ 1.52c:
download it from: 
unzip the MSVC15 folder to C:\ (you don't need to run setup)
create environment variable LIB=C:\MSVC15\LIB
add to path C:\MSVC15\BIN

I used an Ubuntu machine to get the source files:
git clone http://dev.laptop.org/git/geode-vsa 

If you've done everything right, then go in to the source build 
directory, and run:
nmake all

Let me know how you make/made out!
On 12/01/13 01:51, Quentin Bouteiller wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently trying to compile Coreboot for my Wyse S30 (which is 
> pretty
> identical to a Wyse S50, for those who have one) by following this
> torial<http://fijam.eu.org/blog/how-to-put-coreboot-on-wyse-S30s50/>but
> I have a major problem.

> ...as it is said in the tutorial, "GX2 VSA
> needs to be compiled with an antediluvian and esoteric toolchain from
> sources that are almost nowhere to be found and embedded within the
> coreboot image". And guess what? I am no able to get all the components
> needed for the compilation...

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