[coreboot] Coreboot for DQ77KB

Krzysztof Pierwieniecki Pierwien at wp.pl
Mon Jan 6 18:26:12 CET 2014


     My name is Chris. I would like to adjust the coreboot to my DQ77KB 
For payload I used seabios. I managed to reach point when OS starts but 
I have a problem with Intel ME PCI devices (ME1, ME2, KT, IDE-R). A 
device manager in Windows7 reports an error 10 or 12 with these devices 
and that depends of irq configuration and how many ME devices are on. 
There is no problem with other PCi devices. Is it may caused by 
incorrect irq configuration or something else, like insufficient 
initialization of ME Firmware? During booting coreboot ME FW reports 
that firmware initialization is complete and established communication 
with host.

Best regards,

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