[coreboot] Are any Chromebooks able to run fully libre?

Sam Kuper sam.kuper at uclmail.net
Fri Jan 3 03:08:46 CET 2014

On 03/01/2014, mrnuke <mr.nuke.me at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Friday, January 03, 2014 12:37:34 AM Sam Kuper wrote:
> There was some guide somewhere on how to download the stock ROM.

Thanks. Bedtime for me now, but if I decide the Chromebooks are still
a potential option for me, I'll try to find time an opportunity to
look it up (or failing that, maybe dissect one of John Lewis's
prebuilt binaries?) another day.

> The presence of CPU microcode should be the least of your concerns. Really.
> How about an out-of-band processor with full DMA access, and networking
> access transparent to the OS?

Already aware of that and I've ruled out everything with vPro/AMT.

> Seriously, the CPU microcode is nothing. Besides, nobody cares if an
> internal PLL is configured properly so that the CPU can switch to its
> highest clock without hanging.

I hear you; but I also hear Jonathan Brossard saying that as far as
security goes, "[If you control CPU microcode] updates, you basically

> AMD is your best bet, but be prepared to get your feet wet. Server boards
> are hard to find, and you'll most likely need to port it.

That was my understanding; thank you for confirming it.

> Chromebook, if you actually want to vote on free firmware. If you want to
> stick
> it to Intel (which I think you should), there are ARM models available. I
> also
> hear rumours of an octa-core coming soon. There are also some well-supported
> Lenovos, but getting one counts as not voting.

I'm no Intel boot-licker - I think the way Intel behaved re: OLPC was
appalling (Intel Classmate, etc) - but I haven't found any suitable
ARM models yet.[1] So it's down to:

- C7/C710;
- Pavilion 14;
- X60(s);
- Yeeloong.

All of which are compromises; and (at least in my view) all of which are votes.

> Ask away, but please keep Stallmanism out of it.

I find that if I mute Stallman, I hear Blank and Brossard ;)

Thanks again :)


[1] Besides, as far as current readily-available laptops are
concerned, it seems that some ARM models are more likely to have
restricted boot than Wintel laptops:

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