[coreboot] Unable to start correctly coreboot on Asus f2a85-m REV 1.02

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Mon Feb 24 19:03:38 CET 2014

HacKurx [mailto:hackurx at gmail.com] wrote:

]Thank you for adding this great feature that I hope will be added by
]default in Kconfig.
]Unfortunately, this option has no more help me to solve my problem
]with the richland architecture.

Your board is probably crashing at line 252 of file:

SubFamilyIdPtr[j] ((CONST CPU_LOGICAL_ID_XLAT **)&CpuLogicalIdAndRevPtr, &LogicalIdEntries, &LogicalFamily, StdHeader);

The reason is that the loop is processing each element of table
F15LogicalIdTable until a match is found. But that table includes
a NULL terminator (line 1176 of file:
vendorcode/amd/agesa/f15tn/Include/ OptionFamily15hInstall.h)

This means that if no CPUID match is found, a NULL function pointer
will be called. That problem is an agesa bug that shows up only
when an unsupported cpu is found.

The cupid is not found because trinity support is included but 
richland support is needed. I do not know if forcing the trinity
code to run on richland will work, but you could try it. One way
to try it is to change the == to != on line 255 of file


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