[coreboot] Acer C710-2856 coreboot+seabios blue screen?

Justin Roylance justin.roylance at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 03:02:31 CET 2014

Ok, so I have downloaded and compiled flashrom from source and it sees my
Winbond flash chip "W25Q64.V".  When I first installed coreboot I backed up
my original firmware, but I have two files.  The first is from the command
"flashrom -r stock-firmware.rom", and the second is from the command
"chromeos-firmwareupdate --sb_extract ."  Both files are the same size, but
diff tells me that they are different.  I understand that the first one is
the stock firmware read straight from the flash chip, and the second
command gets you a copy of the parts of the current firmware which can't be
read by flashrom if running on the target machine.  So, which one of these
two files do I flash back into my C7?  I read at
http://chromebooklinux.blogspot.com/2013_09_01_archive.html that you can
check the validity of a firmware backup by looking at address 0x00001000 of
the firmware file, if that byte contains 0xFF the backup is invalid, but
neither of my two original backup files have 0xFF at that address.  Since I
haven't completely bricked my chromebook I want to make sure I don't flash
a bad firmware backup in as this might be my last chance to save it without
requiring an external programmer.

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 1:56 AM, Idwer Vollering <vidwer at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2014-02-20 9:38 GMT+01:00 Justin Roylance <justin.roylance at gmail.com>:
> the flashrom utility in Kubuntu says no chipset found and no EEPROM/flash
>> device found.
> The version that Kubuntu ships could very well be outdated. (dist-)upgrade
> your installation and/or see
> http://flashrom.org/Downloads#Installation_from_source
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