[coreboot] Wyse S10 Geode GX2

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Feb 16 23:33:29 CET 2014

andrew at cogman.info wrote:
> > andrew at cogman.info wrote:
> >> it's a different size to the one Fijam used?
> > Check if it is gzip-compressed.
> Thank you for the quick reply. It doesn't appear to be a gzip file - file
> reports it as a "COM executable for DOS"

Sounds fine. The missing interrupt services may or may not be
critical. You'll have to read up on what they do:

> Calling VSA module...
> Unsupported software interrupt #0x15 eax 0xbea7
> Unsupported software interrupt #0x15 eax 0xbea4
> ... VSA module returned.

> >> Entering northbridge.c: cpu_bus_init
> Initializing CPU #0
> CPU: vendor NSC device 552
> CPU: family 05, model 05, stepping 02
> geode_gx2_init
> Enabling cache
> Oops, exception 0 while executing option rom
> Unexpected Exception: 0 @ 00:00000000 - Halting

I'm not sure if this is OK. There was something silly about how yabel
runs option ROMs. I would recommend not to have coreboot run any
option ROMs - if you must use some option ROM then let SeaBIOS run
it, so that there is a complete BIOS environment.


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