[coreboot] Trouble with coreboot for Roda RK9 (SOLVED)

Dmitry Bagryanskiy bagryanskiy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 13:38:52 CET 2014

Hello Nico,

Problem solution with registers.
Laptop: Roda RK9 13", 15" and 17"

I solved the problem with GP1-GP4 registers. It is needen to change the mask for decosding the port  0x600 on LPC.
pci_write_config32(LPC_DEV, D31F0_GEN1_DEC, 0x001f0601);
Also preparation for opening the ports for COM3 and COM4
//Enable Com3
pci_write_config32(LPC_DEV, D31F0_GEN2_DEC, 0x001c02e1);
//Enable Com4
pci_write_config32(LPC_DEV, D31F0_GEN3_DEC, 0x001c03e1);

Thank you
Best regards, Dmitry Bagryanskiy
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