[coreboot] [RFC] board_status: Add serial log to `serial_console.txt`

mrnuke mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 01:56:22 CET 2014

On Tuesday, February 11, 2014 12:04:33 AM Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' 
Serbinenko wrote:
> If we let user supply
> files at all, it should be added to report, not replace files, and it
> should have some prefix to clearly indicate that user was involved in
> creating them. E.g. user_serial_log.txt
There is a point at which the information becomes "too much". What is really 
relevant, in my opinion, are the following three points:

1. Is it an unmodified commit in master (AKA, not "-dirty").
2. Does it boot?
3. What does not work, if any ?

Point 1 and 2 are answered by "cbmem -c | head". It answers point 1 with the 
first line of output, and point 2 by the fact that getting anything from cbmem 
means you've already booted your system.

Point 3 is more complicated, and it seems it is because of this point that we 
want to collect any and all information we can possibly get our hands on.

Other than "cbmem -c | head" and .config, a majority of people just don't care 
about all the pesky details. They're only useful when debugging problems some 
poor guy or gal is having. In that case, we can ask them for this info 
manually. It's not of any use in tracking down which revision + config works 
on _this_ board.


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