[coreboot] Setting up build environment

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Fri Feb 7 17:25:43 CET 2014


I am trying to setup a build environment on 64bit CentOS 6.5 platform to be
able to build coreboot.  I have cloned the coreboot sources from git and
have run the following commands:

make crossgcc	<-- to build the cross compilers
make menuconfig	<-- to create the default .config file
make			<-- to build the default configuration

It runs for a while then when it tries to build the default seabios payload
I get the following (from make V=1):

Compiling IASL
cpp -P src/acpi-dsdt.dsl >

python ./tools/acpi_extract_preprocess.py
/home/andy.pont/Software/coreboot/build/seabios/out/acpi-dsdt.dsl.i.orig >

/home/andy.pont/Software/coreboot/util/crossgcc/xgcc/bin/iasl -Pn -vs -l -tc
-p /home/andy.pont/Software/coreboot/build/seabios/out/acpi-dsdt
Error    6092 - Could not open file "(null)" (Permission denied)

Have I missed something obvious or can someone guide me in the right
direction to get the default environment working before I start modifying

Thanks in advance,


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