[coreboot] HP Chromebook 14 (Falco)

Rubén Torrero Marijnissen sin.puto.spam at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 18:54:35 CET 2014

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reply. Seems a nice starting point, just in case its of
interest to anyone else, his website:

There is also a google community: 

I'll also take a look at the Chromium OS dev guide, maybe the hack to
boot seabios directly is not so hard.

I'll report soon!

> Your first step is to talk to John Lewis so he can give you some
> pointers on how to go at it.
> There's lots of fun chances for missteps.
> Your BEST bet to start is to use the chromium development environment,
> and the sources we use, rather than upstream, just to make sure you
> can do it at all.
> I have set up a peppy to only ever load seabios, which was not hard.
> But I did not start from the code at coreboot.org.
> Sorry you had that problem.
> ron

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