[coreboot] C720 - ROM file

Carmelo Ingrao carmelo at ingrao.fr
Tue Feb 4 16:51:37 CET 2014

Le 4 févr. 2014 à 16:48, Aaron Durbin <adurbin at chromium.org> a écrit :

> Ya. You aren't just going to be able to run that script. It assumes
> you have coreboot checked out and cbfstool built as well as SeaBIOS
> built.  Perhaps Kevin can help you with that? Or he could at least
> post his SeaBIOS image. You could stitch it into your image.bin after
> reading it with flashrom.
> -Aaron

Okay !

I have a friend who has the same C720P than me, he has Fedora installed on it (no more ChromeOS)

If he dump his bios with « sudo flashrom -r path//to/romfile »  can I write it to my chip with « sudo flashrom -w path/to/file » ? 

If not, how can I contact Kevin ? Do you have his mail ?

Thanks again, you’re really nice to help me like that :)


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