[coreboot] Trouble with coreboot for Roda RK9 15" and 17"

Дмитрий Багрянский bagryanskiy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 09:42:32 CET 2014

Hello Nico,

Could you please help me to solve some problems?
Laptop: Roda RK9 15" and 17"

With model 13" the coreboot works well, but as for  15" and 17" models we faced with the following problems: 
15" - I add vga bios from native BIOS Phoenix  and when it is loading the screen is  brightened but the text may be distinguised.
17" - I do the same actions, but when it is loading the screen is white and then fades.

As for the 13" model there are no problems, everything works well with VGA Bios.

Thank you
Best regards, Dmitry Bagryanskiy.
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