[coreboot] problem with wake from suspend (asus chromebox 2955u)

ak you2bepie at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 17 19:51:52 CEST 2014

I used the openeec script found here:
curl -L -Ohttp://goo.gl/3Tfu5W
sudo bash 3Tfu5W
I then selected #5 when it was finsihed I inserted usb stick with boot image for ubutnu 14.04; rebooted and installed ubuntu replacing all of chrome.
I've been told by the author that seabios does not handle wake on usb and it is most likely a firmware issue (or kernel issue). I'm unsure if anyone else on this mailing list runs ubuntu or if they ahve the same issue.

On 08/17/14 09:01, a a wrote:
> I have  a chrombox (asus 2995u) that in setup last weekend using coreboot and
> seabios fix to install linux (ubuntu 14.04)  The system runs fine with one flaw
> and I can't find the fix; it only wakes from suspend if I hit the power button -
> usb devices (mouse, keyboard, ...)  does not wake the system.  Given that I
> installed it last weekend (~Aug 9) I thought it carried the wake from usb fix
> that was added in july are there any suggestion for fix or work around ?

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