[coreboot] Wyse S10 Geode GX2

Jamie Lodberg jamie at toasty.dk
Tue Apr 8 21:58:28 CEST 2014

On 8. apr. 2014, at 13:40, jamie at toasty.dk wrote:

> I then tested again on another S50: Backed up the factory ROM image, flashed my coreboot.rom, then flashed again with the factory ROM image - that box is still working. When I find my PLCC puller, I will try to revive the bricked S50.

A quick status update here - I found my PLCC puller!

My Tiny Core Linux flashrom rig is definitely working - I revived the bricked S50 by flashing a factory image to it.

(Then I bricked it again hehe)


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