[coreboot] Calling the cross compiler

Marcello Stanisci stanisci.m at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 13:49:02 CEST 2013

Now my .xcompile is filled with variables relating to both i386-elf and armv7.
But.. if I issue the "make" command, how can it know which cross
compiler I want to use?

2013/9/29 Patrick Georgi <patrick at georgi-clan.de>:
> Am Sonntag, den 29.09.2013, 10:02 +0200 schrieb Marcello Stanisci:
>> I built successfully the cross compiler but the procedure says only
>> where the binaries of xgcc are located but nothing about calling them.
>> What is the standard way to do it?
> util/xcompile/xcompile gets run by the build system and writes
> to .xcompile in your tree. The variables defined there are used for the
> build process and should point to the cross compiler.
> If you want to use it manually, i386-elf- is the typical prefix we use,
> so the compiler is i386-elf-gcc.
> Patrick

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