[coreboot] ROM snapshots and step by step procedure

Nestor A. Diaz nestor at tiendalinux.com
Fri Sep 27 16:40:13 CEST 2013

Hi People,

I am looking for a new laptop, basically a laptop for traveling, cheaper
and lightweight.

It seems the Acer C7 from Google full fit my *hardware* requirements.

But I am not planning to use Google Chrome os instead I need to run
Debian 7 on it.

I like to play with GNU/Linux on embeded devices like the ones supported
with OpenWRT or even the Raspberry PI, usually all they come with
firmware files or disk images ready to be loaded and let me get them up
and running quickly, I am not a hardware geek guy, so I don't want to
spend too much time dealing with the internal of the Acer C7 Chromebook
in order to load GNU/Linux on it.

So, this is what i want to do:

* Completely remove all the google OS stuff.
* I don't need to run windows, so I don't care is the replacement
firmware will not allow me to install such a crappy system in the future
even if I sell the device later.
* I want to run something 100% free since it power up, for those who
have this laptop can you tell me if the wifi drivers, camera, network
adapter and so on are 100% free ?
* There is a web page which describe the procedure in a single page ? I
know the coreboot website have a lot of information, but time is a
constraint, so there is a step by step instructions webpage with all the
files, requirement and procedures to free the Acer C7 laptop and then be
able to install a GNU distribution on it ?
* I found some prebuilt images at
http://johnlewis.ie/pre-built-coreboot-firmware-for-chromebooks/ there
are some official or daily rom firmware from the coreboot project in a
similar way like the ones produced by the OpenWRT people ?


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Nestor A. Diaz
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