[coreboot] new PC Engines APU system in the pipeline

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Sep 20 14:00:39 CEST 2013


apu platform
The PC Engines apu system board is a big step up in performance and capacity from the popular ALIX series.
Applications:	Routers, firewalls, VOIP, dedicated servers, special purpose network plumbing, education tools...
CPU:	AMD G series T40N or T40E APU, 1 GHz dual core (Bobcat core) with 64 bit support, 32K data + 32K instruction + 512KB L2 cache per core
Storage:	Boot from SD card (connected through USB), external USB or m-SATA SSD. 1 SATA data + power connector.
Power:	About 6 to 12W of 12V DC power depending on CPU load.
Expansion:	2 miniPCI express (one with SIM socket for 3G modem), LPC bus, GPIO header, I2C bus, COM2 (3.3V RXD/TXD).
Connectivity:	3 Gigabit Ethernet (Realtek RTL8111E), 1 DB9 serial port (console).
Firmware:	CoreBoot open source system BIOS with support for iPXE and USB boot.
Form factor:	6"x6" (152.4 x 152.4 mm), fits in our case1d2*u enclosures.
Cooling:	Conductive cooling from the CPU and south bridge to the enclosure using a 3 mm alu heat spreader. Please contact us for advice if you want to integrate this board in your own enclosure.
Status:	Prototypes alive and well. Pilot run / customer samples planned for fall 2013. Production expected for early 2014.
OEM options:	4 GB DDR3 DRAM, various build options, different CPU speed grades.
Roadmap:	We will upgrade to the newer AMD Kabini / Jaguar core based SOCs, up to 2 GHz quad core (Opteron X1150), up to 4 GB ECC DRAM.
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