[coreboot] Coreboot Haswell Support

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Hello Karl-Heinz,

I am not sure what is your scenario here. If you are attempting to bring HSW to grub, and then to Linux, Coreboot is not required, as far as you are using classical EFI BIOS or new UEFI BIOS (AMI, Phoenix, Insyde).

As my best understanding is, mrc.bin was released by Google in the best effort to support minimalistic approach (mrc.bin equivalent to x-loader) with Coreboot SNB (I guess, applies for IVB as well) support (Google did created mrc.bin with some internal INTEL group support). All these are now called Firmware Support Packages (FSPs), and they have locked IPs, sole property of INTEL. Please, read the following, widely available on INTEL external web site:

I am not sure about HSW FSP roadmap, I think HSW FSP is officially not released yet.

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Hi List,

There seems to be some support for intel haswell platform in coreboot. But i can not find the neccessary systemagent / mrb.bin binary. Isnt it released yet?

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