[coreboot] New Kabini Hardware

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Oct 26 19:00:58 CEST 2013

Andrew DeAngelis wrote:
> Is there anyone out there who has experience with Coreboot on
> Kabini and may be able to answer questions about unexpected
> resets when using the AMD Catalyst graphics driver?

I think you'll have to do more debugging on your own, before someone
will be able to help. My only idea would be either power supplies or
signal integrity issues.

> We're booting Ubuntu and Windows 7 right now with a barely modified
> mainboard code brought over from Olivehill,

I think you should focus on the hardware modifications you've made.

> but I'm sure there must be some things we are doing wrong, esp. ACPI.

ACPI doesn't usually cause sporadic resets when exercising the graphics.

> Also, are there any candidates who may be interested in trading our
> potentially buggy hardware system for some expert help with the
> board port? Please let me know!

What would be in it for them? There are contractors available in the
coreboot community with plenty of relevant experience, but I can't
imagine that would be fixing "our board resets when we use graphics"
in return for an instance of the hardware..


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