[coreboot] HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook - AKA Butterfly

John Lewis jlewis at johnlewis.ie
Thu Oct 17 22:39:51 CEST 2013

On 17/10/2013 19:49, Kyösti Mälkki wrote:

> On 17.10.2013 19:45, John Lewis wrote:
>> Hello again coreboot folks, I am trying to get the subject working 
>> with
>> coreboot, and I can't seem to get any display, either with SeaBIOS 
>> or
>> Grub2 payloads (although Grub2 does switch backlight on). I have 
>> output
>> from USB debug, but the only obvious problem is not being able to 
>> write
>> the MRC cache (which also happens on Lumpy and doesn't stop it from
>> booting). Additionally there isn't any debug output from the 
>> payloads.
>> How do I enable same, and have you any other thoughts as to how to 
>> move
>> things forward? Please see attached. Kind Regards, John.
> Hi
> That log was with SeaBIOS? With it one usually executes video bios 
> late.
> With Grub2 video bios is usually executed early, before payload.
> Your log indicates it did not even reach payload. Try to add some
> debugging printk's in smbios_write_tables() to trace where it might
> halt. Unfortunately you cannot yet use GDB over usbdebug.
> Grub2 console over Net20DC has been demonstrated, it may require some
> tweaks to USB IDs/descriptors to make it work with BeagleBone Black.
> Kyösti
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Hi Kyösti,

I'm unsure, so I've done another. This one is Grub2 LZMA compressed, 
and it gets a bit further. Also more warning messages and errors. Guess 
there's no point adding printk's to smbios_write_tables() as it gets 
past that on this one?

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