[coreboot] Require help to boot coreboot with seabios' s floppy mechanism

Andrew Wu andrewwu.tw at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 09:32:41 CEST 2013


First you should make sure you enabled "Floppy images in CBFS" option
in SeaBIOS. It is in menuconfig -> General Features -> Floppy images
in CBFS. You can also check your .config file for FLASH_FLOPPY

SeaBIOS only accepts floppy image file size that is the same as a
physical floppy driver. You can check SeaBIOS RAM disk source code:


It calls to find_floppy_type. It is in:


You can see find_floppy_type will lookup floppy driver size in
FloppyInfo array. They are supported floppy image file sizes. (360KB,
1.2MB, etc)

I am not sure if SeaBIOS support compressed floppy image file. You can
try to use an uncompressed floppy image file.

2013/10/17 Anthony Ross <anthonyross230 at gmail.com>:
> Hi there:
> I have successfully build coreboot with seabios as payload. I can well boot
> a HDD Image & so also a virtual cd-rom image i.e. a Ubuntu 12.04 ISO.
> However I have futher got on building the DUET Package. Since in case of
> coreboot it can' t be added as a true tianocore payload I switched to
> seabios' s floppy mechanism to load DUET.
> Well after adding the lzma compressed floppy image i can well embed it in
> coreboot.rom flash image, but the main problem is that it does not appear in
> the seabios' s boot options. When i press F12 it only shows a virtual DVD
> drive ATA 1 &  thats all.I have well followed the coreboot/tianocore build
> guide for DUET and embedding it.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated..
> Neo
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