[coreboot] Trying to support Attro G5G100-P board

Scott Duplichan spambucket at notabs.org
Sun Oct 13 23:17:41 CEST 2013

Christoph Grenz wrote:

]I'm currently experimenting with an Attro G5G100-P industrial board.
]According to the documentation the chipset is an Intel i915GM with 
]an Intel 82801FBM southbridge (which flashrom shows as ICH6-M).
]Inteltool only shows:
]	Northbridge: 8086:2590 (unknown)
]	Southbridge: 8086:2641 (unknown)
]Is the chipset supported (or could it be supported by modifying existing 
]The main superio is a W83627HG-AW, which is already supported.
]The board seems to have a second superio which manages the four RS232
]I couldn't yet identify this chip.
]The config mode init sequence is 0x67,0x67 at 0x2e
]and the config mode registers 20-26 contain 02 08 03 19 34 01 00.
]Does anybody know something about this second superio chip? I couldn't find

]anything about this chip and as I don't know how it may look like, I can't 
]even locate it on the board.

This looks like Fintek F81216. Apparently superiotool tries only 87h and
77h for Fintek enter config mode, but 67h is needed for this part when
strapped for base address 2Eh.


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