[coreboot] BadBIOS Thoughts

Alex mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 21:46:26 CET 2013

On 11/17/2013 12:00 PM, ron minnich wrote:
> That's you. And in fact it's most of the Linux community. It's why
> it's so hard to make progress in this area, because the Linux
> community does *not* consider openness down to the hardware level as a
> priority, when measured against their other wants.
Exactly. It seems to me the linux community is tired of having linux be 
idealized for running efficiently on second-grade hardware. Of course I 
think the community is tired of linux being viewed mostly as a 
retirement home for desktops. The way I imagine the community sees it, 
as long as chromebooks are not shiny toys with V12 engines, good or bad 
as they may be, will be viewed as second-grade.

> Which, I have to say, sets all my "Irony-detection" devices to 11 out of 10. :-)
I hope your hypocrisy gauge is still within range.

> In many other cases, coreboot *is* a key usability feature (hence the
> many chromebooks being sold) and in those cases, it is a very high
> priority, if not the highest priority.
> And, yes, you and I are both broken records where vendors are
> concerned. But vendors don't set priorities by anything but how many
> million units get sold. They don't care what we think :-)
[Broken record warning] What if, somehow, the community gathered a few 
brains, talked to a vendor, and convinced them to put coreboot on a 
yet-to-be-released product? It would almost seem like the community 
would do most of the work for free. What sort of responses have we 
received in the past with this approach? System 76, ThinkPenguin, 
Pudget, etc... have we tried any of them? They have sleek systems, and 
at least the first two value openness more than the average.

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