[coreboot] Offer: Free Lenovo X60 in return for EC debugging

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Nov 17 02:15:10 CET 2013

Hi all,

fchmmr in the #coreboot chat offers to ship a Lenovo X60 to anyone
who is willing and able to debug an EC issue and come up with a
solution for it.

The trackpoint usually does not work with coreboot, but works
reliably with the factory BIOS. The issue has only been seen by
one other X60 user and only rarely. Most machines don't have this

The offer includes the X60 as well as shipping from the UK to you,
and fchmmr is also happy to help with testing on a second machine
which also reliably exhibits the problem.

The X60 is yours to keep once the problem has been fixed.

Quite likely this requires monitoring LPC communication with the H8 EC
to compare (timing of) what the factory BIOS with what coreboot does,
so if you're interested you need to have or be able to create some
means of monitoring LPC IO. That could be an expensive logic analyzer
or it could be free time, programmable logic, an FX2 chip and sigrok.

If this sounds like a fun project just for you please reply on list.

fchmmr would obviously like to be reassured that someone interested
in this offer will actually be able to succeed within some reasonable
timeframe, so write something to help accomplish that in your reply.



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