[coreboot] DUET freeze problem

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Fri Nov 15 14:57:46 CET 2013

Anthony Ross wrote:

]Hello There,
]There has been no response to my last mentioned problem
](Seabios floppy mechanism) DUET freeze. So also could
]anyone look up the code to execute DUET as a coreboot payload.


The attachment you sent on 11/06/2013 shows that your serial
port logging is working well. If you are not seeing the debug
messages from updatememorymap (), then it is possible execution
is hanging before that code is able to execute. That code is
part of BdsDxe.efi. That module is entered when dxemain.c
executes gBds->Entry (gBds). You could put some debug prints
in that area to see what is happening.

The existing UEFI coreboot payload project is here:
The UEFI coreboot payload project that I am working on won't
be ready for a long time.


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