[coreboot] Support for Dell Zino HD (Inspiron 410)?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Nov 7 08:17:19 CET 2013

Tristan Havelick wrote:
> I'm wondering if it possibly supports coreboot.

It isn't supported currently.

> I'm not sure where to find the motherboard manual.

It's of no use.

> Thanks for all your help here.  I'm really new to all this, but
> I'm curious and eager to learn more!

If you have strong skills in lowlevel software development and you
want to commit to creating a port for the machine I would recommend
to first spend a month and maybe a few hundred USD/EUR on creating an
efficient development environment, and with that in place to spend
some more months on learning coreboot as well as AGESA and then
finally I would estimate spending maybe two months on trying to debug
various corner cases and bugs possibly fixed by later versions of
AGESA not available in coreboot.

To sum it up that's a commitment of a few 100¤ and maybe a year of
consistent work until you have a reliably working port with every
corner case handled, and that's a pretty optimistic estimate.


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